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I love creating, writing, and learning. Currently, I'm creating content websites in different niches.

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I've been involved in the field of human potential and personal development for 20 years. As a former fitness consultant, I figured there had to be something more than assessing a person's fitness. What about the rest of their life? Coaching was the answer to that.

However, to my surprise, the traditional format of coaching -- once a week, three times a month -- didn't fit my temperment.

In early 2001, two things happened. During a Success Tracs coaching program we were asked to write down a unique talent we thought we might have that we hadn't really tried. I wrote down writing and started to cry.

Now that's usually a cue that some truth is about to be revealed. Given that 1st year English in university consisted of me frequently trying to convince my professor to raise my mark as 18 year old young women interpret poems and novels differently than 60 year old men and there wasn't a 'right' interpretation. And given that grammar seemed like a secret language I didn't have the code for - the fact that I thought writing might be a unique talent was both surprising and somewhat bizarre.

Shortly after, Coachville offered a 4-part teleclass on how to write profitable ebooks. I took the course and within 6 weeks had written and started to sell the 'How to Become a Coach' ebook. That's when I discovered you can coach through 'products' as well.

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